• What is the 14 days money back guarantee?

    All of our subscription-based plans come with a full 14 days money back guarantee. If you do not think ManyPixels is the right fit for you, we will refund 100% of your initial membership fee, no questions asked.

  • What does unlimited brands mean?

    We do not have any limitations in terms of different brands or visual identities, meaning that if you want to use ManyPixels for different ventures or for your own customers, you can.

    We work with plenty of creative agencies.

  • What does unlimited requests and revisions mean?

    With all of our subscription-based plans, you can submit as many requests as you would like. If we don’t get it right the first time, we do unlimited revisions until you like the final result (we won’t be happy until you are). All of your requests are queued in our own application where you can easily manage them.

    Your designer(s) will work on your requests every business day. You are only limited in terms of speed but if you want your requests to get done faster, you can always upgrade by increasing the number of designers assigned to your account.

  • Who owns the rights to the designs?

    All of our designs are made from scratch (we do not use templates or re-use past projects) and you have full legal ownership of the files as soon as we deliver them to you.

    Source files are always included.

  • What is the turnaround time?

    Your designer will work on your requests every business day. Turnaround time depends on several factors such as:

    • The complexity of your requests
    • The number of requests you currently have being worked on
    • The quality and clarity of your instructions

    On average, you can expect to receive the first concept or the next revision within 1-2 business days. But more complex requests such as a complete website, large illustration sets and pitch decks require more time.